Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fleetig Encounter, oil on linen, 27 x 44

Zebra's reflected in the water create such visual impact that it is a subject I am often drawn to despite the fact that they are very complex to paint, definitely worth the effort though. Some beautiful Carmine Bee-eaters always add a little life to any scene

This is my "more" painting for Western Visions at the National Museum of wildlife, where I am most honored to have been selected to be featured painter this year, a very exciting and busy season for me in Jackson this fall.

Leopard Orchid, oil on linen, 43 x 25

Africa provides endless inspiration, such variety, so many moods, from adrenaline pumping action to peace and beauty, always something new. We actually saw this leopard in the tree with the leopard orchid, the latter was not as co-operative as the leopard as it wasn't flowering at the time but with some research I was able to solve that.

This is my submission for the Jackson Hole Art Auction this year, Part of the proceedes of the auction will be donated to the National Museum of Wildlife Art, where I am featured painter this year.

A Spot in the Shade, oil on linen, 22 x 45

These are the Savuti brothers, three cheetah from the Savuti/Duma Tau region of Botswana that we have been seeing for many years and who I have done many paintings of. I am particularly pleased with the calm relaxed feel of this piece. It is the centre piece of my one woman show on July 18th at Mockingbird Gallery in Bend Oregon

Samburu Warrior, colored pencil 30 x 13

This relaxed confident young man was one of our guides at Lewa Downs in Kenya. A fantatic subject for a figure study.

It's Mine! colored pencil, 10 x 25

Young cats are always ready for fun and can turn almost any found object, in this case a leaf, into a great game. Another piece for the show at Mockingbird Gallery in Bend.