Monday, December 29, 2008

The Pause that Refreshes

In the late afternoon we were lucky enough to catch these two lionesses drinking before heading into the long grass to do what do lions do best, sleep.

Close Friends

Zebras provide an almost endless source of inspiration for drawings and paintings, they are so graphic and social. I enjoying observing the constant interaction of the herd.

The Passing Parade

On the saline lakes of the East African Rift Valley, large flocks of flamingoes are often encountered. They are nomadic so seeing them is never garanteed and is always a treat. In the wild they are much pinker than those kept in capitivity. It is very excitng to see them in their courtship display where they form a tight group and parade together with their heads held high and neck feathers fluffed.

Spanish Peak

This is a commission recently completed for a couple in Bend Oregon. The high desert on the leeward side of the Cascade Mountains in the Bend area is ideal habitat for Pronghorn Antelope, which can be seen in the sage brush plains. I was commission to paint a herd of antelope with Spanish Peak in the background that was on the ranch previously owned by them. I love painting thunder clouds so was delighted to incorporate them into this scene.

On A Mission

In the Duba Plains area of Botswana we saw this wonderful male lion who had just heard an intruder roaoring in his territory, so he was definitely on a mission to sort out the intruder, who he ended up chasing for a long time.