Monday, December 27, 2010

Delta Twilight, oil on canvas, 24 x 44

This is a very evocative piece for me. One of my favourite places on the planet is the Okavango Delta in Botswana, nothing can beat, in the still of the evening, watching one of these wonderful animals going about their lives. I added some Sacred Ibis flying over as in the evening the Delta sky is alive with birds returning to thier roosts, and the composition seemed to need it. This piece also allowed me to use some slightly different colors, a cadmium yellow sky and cerulian blue reflection in the elephants bow wave.

Neck n' Neck, oil on canvas, 40 x 19

Even in combat giraffe are wonderful graceful animals, the curve of their necks as they try to establish dominance I felt made for an interesting composition.

Bad Boys, pencil 14 x 26

These are the bad boys of the African veld, I was fascinated by their individual expressions and the rhythm of thier curved horns. I felt a perfect subject for a pencil drawing.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wild Stripes, colored pencil 12 x 16

There is just so much fun stuff an artist can do with zebra's, how good of nature to create something so interesting for us to work on. This is to be shown at the Western Visions Show and Sale at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, Wyoming in September

At Rest, oil on canvas, 15 x 40

Western Visions at the National Museum of wildlife Art is on the horizon, this is this years "more" piece. Cheetahs are an eternal favourite.

Intimate Moment, colored pencil, 12.5 x 9.5

The title says it all for me, white faced whistling ducks allopreening, sounds so clinical, just one of natures quiet moments. This is going to be part of this years Birds in Art, in Wausau, Wiscinsin, always a pleasure to have work included in the show.

Young Warrior, colored pencil, 19.5 x 12

Sable Antelope are magnificent creatures, their colors and shapes are fascinating. To try and capture these to best effect I chose colored pencil as the medium on a plain background. This piece will be in the Society of Animal Artists annual show in San diego in September, unfortunately we will not be able to attand the opening as it is the same weekend as my show at Mockingbird Gallery in Bend , Oregon.

Delta Duet oil on canvas 23 x 45

Illala Palms and termite mounds are some of the characteristic features of the Okavango Delts in Botswana, our favouite area to go on safari....thinking of it makes me excited about our upcoming safari in October this year, I can't wait. Greater Kudu are a species that we usaully see there, such beautiful animals..