Friday, November 25, 2011

Sageland Morning, oil on canvas 36 x 52

It was a magic morning, the mist rising out of the valley as the first sun came over the hill, the flock of blackbirds swirling in the still air only added to the moment.

This is one of my entries to Master's of the American West at the Autry Museum in Los Angeles in february.

The Waiting Game, oil on canvas, 29 x 41

This wonderful leopard spent the heat of the day in sausage trees along the banks of the Savuti Channel in Botswana's Okavango Delta. She patiently waited for some unsuspecting impala to be lured in by the promise of cool shade and sausage tree fruit and flowers to nibble on. We patiently waited to see the possible out come. After three days, all the impala in the area were still safe.....

Crossing the Plains, oil on canvas, 28 x 40

Thunder clouds over the plains, cheetahs in the evening sun, just some of my favorite things..

Greeting, colored pencil, 12 x 18

This piece was one of the popular at this years show at the Mockingbird Gallery in Bend Oregon

Old and Wise, pencil 15 x 10.5

It is a very moving thing to look into the eyes of any of the larger primates.