Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fastidious, oil on linen, 17 x 36

Being the fastest land mammal, cheetah have to do a lot of maintenance to remain in peak condition for the next sprint. This piece is going to Insight Gallery, Fredericksburg, Texas for their December show. I am most delighted to finally be represented in Texas where I have so many collectors.

Sleepy Red, colores pencil 9 x 18

What a rare treat it was this fall to when visiting dear friends in Montana to find out that they had rescued an abandoned red fox and raised it on their ranch. I had ample opportunity to study this delightful creature at very close quarters and get to know its vibrant personality. It should be a great ambassador for its species in its new home in an educaton conservation facility.

Young Friends, pencil 12.5 x 9

Elephants are so endearing, always caring for each other, family is paramount for them. Safely nestled between their mother and an older sibling these two were able to play in safety.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fleetig Encounter, oil on linen, 27 x 44

Zebra's reflected in the water create such visual impact that it is a subject I am often drawn to despite the fact that they are very complex to paint, definitely worth the effort though. Some beautiful Carmine Bee-eaters always add a little life to any scene

This is my "more" painting for Western Visions at the National Museum of wildlife, where I am most honored to have been selected to be featured painter this year, a very exciting and busy season for me in Jackson this fall.

Leopard Orchid, oil on linen, 43 x 25

Africa provides endless inspiration, such variety, so many moods, from adrenaline pumping action to peace and beauty, always something new. We actually saw this leopard in the tree with the leopard orchid, the latter was not as co-operative as the leopard as it wasn't flowering at the time but with some research I was able to solve that.

This is my submission for the Jackson Hole Art Auction this year, Part of the proceedes of the auction will be donated to the National Museum of Wildlife Art, where I am featured painter this year.

A Spot in the Shade, oil on linen, 22 x 45

These are the Savuti brothers, three cheetah from the Savuti/Duma Tau region of Botswana that we have been seeing for many years and who I have done many paintings of. I am particularly pleased with the calm relaxed feel of this piece. It is the centre piece of my one woman show on July 18th at Mockingbird Gallery in Bend Oregon

Samburu Warrior, colored pencil 30 x 13

This relaxed confident young man was one of our guides at Lewa Downs in Kenya. A fantatic subject for a figure study.

It's Mine! colored pencil, 10 x 25

Young cats are always ready for fun and can turn almost any found object, in this case a leaf, into a great game. Another piece for the show at Mockingbird Gallery in Bend.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Samburu Safari, oil on linen, 32 x 15

It is such an exciting time in Africa when preparations are being made for safari. In Northern Kenyan that often means getting the camels packed. The wooden frames on their backs can either be used for a saddle, with some padding, or for packing safari supplies. This young Samburu was dressed in his finery for the occasion

A Moments Sun, oil on linen 16 x 32

When the sun breaks through in the far north, itis a moment to be enjoyed.

Guarding the Den, oil on linen, 9 x 14

Spotted Hyaenas are not everyones favorite animal but I think that they can be very appealing, slightly mischievious.

Close Family, colored pencil 23 x 12.5 "

Cheetah are one of my all time favorite animals to portray. Their elegant long lines can make interesting compositions, vertical is always a challenge. Their colors and texture are so rich. Although curious these young ones are not too keen to wander too far from the security of their mother.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Evening Encounter

I love the fall evenings in the high desert, silently the mule deer start moving about, it is a time of romance...

oil on linen 18 x 34

Heralds of Spring,

In early spring male pheasant take on their resplendant colors, so rich, especially against the late snow. Our farm here in New Zealand has a huge pheasant population now that we have controlled the introduced predators, such as stoats, so I have ample opportunity to study them close at hand, not in the snow however......

Oil on linen 11 x 20

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Those Fleet Feet, colored pencil 8 x 13

This is my newest piece for the American Miniature Show at Settlers West in Tucson, to be held on February 14th . Cheetahs are such wonderful atheletes and need to look after themselves. I love to capture intimate moments with the wildlife I portray, here it is just being a fastidious cat.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

On the Ice Floe, oil on linen, 16 x 37

This is an unusual subject for me, I have not painted a polar bear in years. It was very refreshing to work on the wonderful colors that the icey realms create. I am more familiar with the Antarctic than the Arctic, but many of the colors are similar. A nice piece to work on in the heat of the southern summer.

Acacia Country, colored pencil 12 x 20

Sable Antelope in classic acacia country are always a favorite.

Bushveld Monarch 22.5 x 15.5

Greater Kudu are one of the most elegant of the antelope family, their beautiful grey coats allow them to blend perfectly into the bushveld that they frequent, again a colored pencil.


Warthog are such loveable rogues, ugly, yet very appealing. They are always popular with people we take on safari. This piece is colored pencil, a great medium for studies like this.