Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fastidious, oil on linen, 17 x 36

Being the fastest land mammal, cheetah have to do a lot of maintenance to remain in peak condition for the next sprint. This piece is going to Insight Gallery, Fredericksburg, Texas for their December show. I am most delighted to finally be represented in Texas where I have so many collectors.

Sleepy Red, colores pencil 9 x 18

What a rare treat it was this fall to when visiting dear friends in Montana to find out that they had rescued an abandoned red fox and raised it on their ranch. I had ample opportunity to study this delightful creature at very close quarters and get to know its vibrant personality. It should be a great ambassador for its species in its new home in an educaton conservation facility.

Young Friends, pencil 12.5 x 9

Elephants are so endearing, always caring for each other, family is paramount for them. Safely nestled between their mother and an older sibling these two were able to play in safety.